One of the best habits I kept, from many, many years of dance class, is stretching. As a dancer, you are taught to be aware of your body, because it is the only tool you have. According to, “Stretching can help improve flexibility, and, consequently, range of motion in your joints. Better flexibility may improve your performance in physical activities or decrease your risk of injuries by helping your joints move through their full range of motion and enabling your muscles to work most effectively.”

Although my dance classes are few, and far between, I find myself stretching every day. Just a brief stretch can give me a boost to get out of bed in the morning,  re-energize me after a long day, relieve tension, and improve my mood. Most people have a standard routine when they do stretch, but it may not reach the muscles that need it most. I’d recommend taking a look at the article on, ‘The Best Stretches You’re Not Doing for some easy, and effective additions to your stretching plan.





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